Our 22 step review process covers every aspect of your business and the risks you face to find the right insurance for you at the right price.

iWest has over 35 years experience as a leading adviser and provider of risk financing, insurance, risk management and claims management solutions.

We are a local Tasmanian broker, focussed on developing relationships and utilising our experience to deliver the most appropriate solutions for our clients. We provide professional insurance advice to associations, companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals regarding risk identification and minimisation, policy selection and claims administration.

What We Stand For

At iWest we believe in developing strong relationships with our clients. The more we know about you and your business the better understanding we have as to what cover will suit you best. We stand for relevant and quality cover that matches your budget and your needs.

We know that every business is different, and believe that you deserve the right amount of personal attention to get the perfect cover from your insurance adviser. We work hard to ensure that you are getting the most appropriate cover for your situation.


No matter what size your business is, we partner with leading insurance companies like PSC Insurance Group, Steadfast Group, Johns Lyng Group, NIBA and Premium Funding to provide the right cover for you. Our cover includes, but is not excluded to, professional indemnity, workers compensation, office insurance, corporate travel insurance and general business insurance.

Finding the right insurance for you is as simple as talking to one of our experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers. At iWest we believe in the real – not the symbolic – value of insurance. Cheap insurance might save you money in the short term, but glib cover inevitably doesn’t pay off when your claim isn’t paid.

You get what you pay for with insurance; here at iWest we aim to strike a balance between your budget and your insurance needs. We believe in quality at every step of the insurance process – from comprehensive policy selection to timely claims administration.

Please contact our offices in North Hobart to find out how we can offer peace of mind to you and your business.


iWest are located in the heart of North Hobart, Tasmania. We understand the region, the insurance markets unique to our state, and the types of businesses local to our community and their special risks and challenges.

Our partnership with business insurance brokers networks, like PSC Connect, allows us great leverage in terms of our buying and negotiating power when times get difficult.

Our values are simple as:

  • Insurance – Helping You Find The Right Cover
  • Integrity – Acting With Honesty and Sincerity
  • Informative – Information You Need, When You Need It
  • Impact – Making A Difference For Your Business

We have experience dealing with a variety of industries that range from commercial fishing, SME industries, childcare, hospitality and tourism. We know how to communicate the ‘fine print’ in an easy and conversational manner so that you can purchase with peace of mind.

iWest is able to provide clear, in-depth and comprehensive policies for our clients, whilst negotiating the best possible terms with well-established Australian insurers and underwriting agencies.

We pride ourselves on our insight and integrity in delivering quality cover to our many clients. Call us today to find out what benefits a quality local insurance broker can make to your long-term financial and business security.


iWest provide a wide range of local Tasmanian insurance products for various industries and specialist areas.

Small Business Insurance

Ask our experienced insurance brokers about tailored small business insurance packages.

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Specialist Insurance

Depending on your industry you might need specialised insurance. Work with a broker that understands those risk so you get the right cover.

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Every industry is unique, which is why we have tailored packages for businesses ranging from Hospitality to Commercial Fishing and much more.

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Travel Insurance

Our Travel Insurance is some of the best on the market. Find out about our Corporate Travel Insurance policies today.

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iWest Insurance Brokers are committed to assisting our clients whilst navigating through all the changes as a result of COVID-19.

Please be advised that some insurers are making changes to policy wordings which may affect coverage for certain insurance policies going forward. This may apply to New Business, Renewals and Endorsements.

Depending on the product, the insurer may no longer accept any New Business, or limit cover available on some sections of the policy.

Therefore, please consider that these changes may affect the products referred to on this website. To be clear on the current situation in relation to the impacts on your policy, please contact your Insurance Adviser for Assistance.


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