What is Claims Management?

It is difficult to understand what your insurance policy will do for you until you suffer unexpected loss or damage. At iWest we are adept at managing your claims to get the outcome you deserve.

Managing insurance claims can be intensive work; you need a broker that will work on your behalf and follow up on your claims to make sure that you receive compensation in a timely an hassle free manner.

Some of the activities undertaken by our brokers may include:

  • Register a notice of the claim;
  • Checking the cover to see that damages are insured;
  • Preparing documents such as police records and/ or medical reports;
  • Determining the liability of the parties involved;
  • Paying out claims to the insured party;
  • Initiate the subrogation process to recover loss from a responsible third party;
  • Fraud prevention check.

Our experience and understanding of the Claims Management process means that iWest Insurance Brokers are best positioned to represent your interests.

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